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Letting Go

A problem everyone may run into in life at least once or twice is “letting go”. We struggling coming to terms with the loss of something that we once considered very dear and near to our hearts. Wether it’s another human being’s presence in our lives or even material things like money, cars, and clothes. As time progresses we grow a bit of an attachment with the item or person and when it is time to “let go” we struggle because of the dependency we have developed. So I’m going to give you my take on the well needed skill of realizing that sometimes you have to “let go”.

As a kid I had tons of toys and shoes, which I cherished greatly. Well I still have a ton of shoes I overly cherish, but my biggest fear was losing a toy or pair of shoes I loved so much. And I’d cry once my parents would try to get me to realize the toy was no longer functional or that the shoes no longer fit and ultimately, it was time to “let go”. I couldn’t understand the logic that if I held onto those things I could never gain anything else. After the tears subsided my mom or dad would always be the light to show if I just let go I could gain so much more because a new pair of shoes were always the replacement. 
This is the same with those friends in life that you believe you just can’t live without. I am a huge culprit of this belief that there are people that you just can’t live without and I stand firm by it. But some people in your life are there for the lesson that is learned through the depression that they leave behind once you are brave enough to just…”let go”! Love makes it complicated to do that, but love makes it easy at the same time. Love allows you to seek the best for someone inspite of how they have treated you. Love helps you see the need and hinders you as well, but if you really love someone and letting go would be the need to be filled, would you deny them of that? As I grew up I had a problem with letting go of the deceased. When my grandmother died I was confused, hateful, and bitter. This was the same with the death of my uncle Harold. I couldn’t let go because I loved them dearly and I didn’t understand what I now do. But through letting go I gained more of them. I realized God makes no mistakes and they both were fine up there, pain free. 
Letting go isn’t a easy task in the least, but in order to grow you must learn that. If someone has harmed you forgive them and “let go” of it so you can in turn let yourself grow. When you are in a bad situation and feel like you should hold on ask yourself why? Is it just for your personal comfortability? Or is it because it needs to be held on to? If not “let go”! I’d be doing a huge disservice if I said letting go meant quitting or giving up or even that it is easy. It’s not. It’s basically realizing the truth and asking help from God and time to make it right. Some problems are bigger than us as humans so letting go and letting God is the way id go. 
Now with all that I just said that’s for you to take and decipher. And if you disagree that’s fine as well because I’m just as flawed as the next sinner. But I know that letting go has helped me greatly. Don’t give up or give in. Trust god and have faith that letting go will make room for your blessing.