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The evolution of a week

   This weekend has been one to remember, to say the least. And this week from Monday to Sunday has been one I will never forget. I am a strong believer in “God will never put you through anything you cant handle”. But I had trouble this week seeing that. I found myself having to make a HUGE decision based on my current situation and yes I prayed on it. Sought others opinion and just consulted myself to ensure that I was making the best decision for me. It was tough and unchanging. My decision isnt one that only effects my life though. I have people depending on me now and Id be darn if I was going to let them down. Long story short…I felt I had to much on my plate, but God. As the week went on the clouds started to clear a bit and I start regaining the lost traction of my life. He made a way when I figured there was no way and it turned from the worst to a possible amazing situation. 

  The best part of my week was a part I almost decided not to take part in. I attend the APPLE conference with my school. Its a NCAA funded organization that focuses on helping student athlete build the skills needed to help improve their respective colleges and universities. Which in turn will help “change the culture”. The experience was nothing short of amazing. I ended up meeting four student athletes from my own school that I had not acquaintance with before and made a legit connection with. Andy, who is a member of the mens Golf team, was my roommate. A really chill guy who has similar friends as myself, but Its ironic how we have havent met yet. Then theres the girls CoCo, Ashely, And Courtney. I knew Court vaguely, but I hadnt had the pleasure of two meet these two awesome Sophomores. CoCo is full of energy and passion. Throughout the entire weekend she inquired on how we could improve our teams from the top to the bottom, which was very admirable being that she is so young. By the way she was not shy on asking about the untold world/story of “the life and times of a D1 football player”. Ashely was very similar to CoCO, but this soft spoken young lady can fool you at first. She is a great athlete with a strong concern in the well being of others. I was amazed how confident they both were about speaking up on the happeings of BC. Court is a older and mature women. She, as was I, didnt really know much about what was going on outside of our teams. Evan watched over us for the weekend and help us get the best experience as possible being that this was our first conference.

So much was learned this weekend, not just about myself either. But all in all this was a awesome week and a incredible end to it at the APPLE conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.