The burning astronaut 

Never them only the family 
rough times somehow we made it out 

We ain’t perfect but we family we figure it out. 

Grew up together but choose some different routes 

I flew out to the bean my brothers held the spot down. 

So many summers starting to feel a lil odd now. 

Grandma in and out the hospital they telling me calm down 

My cousins tall now 

Got children and all now 

I’ve had minor success but they look at me in awe now 

Times got better but everyone is apart 

Haven’t spoke in a while but my mothers my heart 

Send a kite to my brother he doing time fighting a charge 

Deac please hold ya head I know times are fucking hard 

You who Dj depending on 

Fighting for so long 

Looked my granny in eyes and begged her to be strong 

So many meals out of her home 

Six daughters in three rooms 

Can’t count the grands on one hand 

We all shared the same room 

Same rice off the same spoon 

Same bubbles made of shampoo 

Playing cans was live too

My family my pride foo 

If I lost I don’t know what id do 

Hold her hand in her bed praying God pull her through 

Jah please intercede cause her blood clotting to 

If I lost you I don’t know what I would do 

Prolly try stop the air 

Make my blood run blue

Although I’m not a pyro 

I considered painting the sea red 

No short cuts all summer 

Guess that explains my nappy head

No sleep on any nights 

I have no use for my bed 

Especially because I have no jawns. 

No sauce 

No sweet texts to my phone 

I’m in love with a women that will never be my own. 

She prolly in her nice home talking on the phone 

Keysha cole I want you to know I’ll never do you wrong

My thoughts are really getting away from me 

Who are you, security get him away from 

Will I win I can only wait to see 

My demise or my destiny 

Shoes sweats v neck white tee 

Golfing hat but I don’t golf 

Good with words but ion talk. 

Watermelon with the salt 

I’m just walking on the escalator that leads to median 

I love you all I truly do 

But please stop casting me into the oblivion 

Trying to live without revealing 

My love is so conspicuous

I pray the lord still forgive sinners

How I’m living burns my esophagus   

I love you grandma please don’t go 

I graduate in December 

I won’t walk across that stage unless your there to witness it. 

I witness my entire life and still don’t know what I’m becoming 

If all else fails at least I got the family 

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