Role model

Growing up I realized I gravitated to admiring those with jersey or the local men whom obtain tons of money rather quickly. I began to imitate them as closely as my parents would allow. Which is why I took to bearing my own number. As a kid I didn’t really look at the entire happenings I just would die if I could play in the NBA. And I’m sure I’d take my own life to have a shot in the NFL , but why?

I admired people like Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, and even Shaq. But why? I think back now how my dreams and aspirations weren’t even something I actually wanted. I trained and gave my life to these games. For what? For whom? These false idols who themselves got their dreams and life styles from those before them. And young minds equivocate these people as role models.

A role model shouldn’t be something almost unreachable. Not someone who themselves are a product of nothing. Don’t get me wrong professional are far worthy of gratitude because they are blessed. But a role model is much more than sports.

My role model has change not once since a kid. And that guy is my dad. He epitomizes a role model and all that he/she should stand for. He is driven by faith. Loves unconditional. Family triumphs all. And most importantly he is a positive, creative, backing figure to not copy off, but shape your life off. Since a child I’ve had a sort of admiration for pops just because of his resolve. He is always smiling. Of he doesn’t have it when he gets it you got it. And no matter what he believes god will make a way.

I look at my pops as a ideal role model not because of his proximity, rather it being simply for who he is. A stand up guy who provides a example. Sport stars are great example, but being Lebron isn’t really likely. Becoming a man as been effortless, almost. All due to my role model.

I write this as a beacon to you all. Be a positive light for the youth. In this day and age nothing is more important. We are misguided to much and idolize and praise the wrong things and people. It starts at home, but momma always said “it takes a village to raise a child”. I challenge you to be there for a kid in need show him/her the way and let them grow and you will see slowly how we grab back the times, one role model at a time.

Good Morning

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