Treat others…

Treat others the way you have been treated…

I’m not sure if that’s how the saying goes, but thats how I feel. All the hate, bitterness, and pain stored up for all these years. Are now casted out on clueless souls that have no clue as to why I’m so cold. They just mark me as heartless and overly bold. But it’s deeper than the surface shows. I’ve been at a war with myself since a kid, about seven years old. Looking and searching for me and someone in which I could be consoled. No console or sneaker could replace the space. And I watched mins turn to hours and them even morphing into a day. “Treat others as you would want to be treated” well quite frankly I’d just like to be treated. Sick of snapshots of texts while pictures are being deleted. Emails and letters with glasses you couldn’t even read it. And loneliness as I’m looked down on because others feel mistreated. But what about me? Am I to be cast out due to my demons? Am I any less than any other of you over developed semen? Because in the egg is where you were cultivated but i like to think I was just that lone sperm swimming his way around like Nemo trying to find his home or his mom.

Treat other better than you would like to be treated…

Well that’s a task for a fool. Why set your heart up in a game that your destined to lose? Women love love and me I’m all into shoes. But I once set my heart down and when I gained the strength to pick it back up it was left battered and bruised. So naturally I expected me to choose to lose rather than confuse my fillings with feelings cause that there is a lose/lose. Flip of the coin to see where I’m going and as I start to recognize my surrounds I see I’m going no where fast.

Treat others as if it was God himself…

“I worship you because of who you are”. I must admit I haven’t been an ideal citizen, man, let alone a Christian. But what’s the biggest disservice I can do to myself? Staying that way. So many people see potential in me that for a long time I couldn’t see in myself. They aren’t in it for the fame, glory, or wealth. It’s not like I got any of that any way. But I at times believed they were in it for self. And in reality they would have to because by them believing in me and helping bring the best me out we all benefit. Like spitting on a pair of shoes for a shoe shiner right quick.

I don’t know….

I say all of that to say this. How you treat people is a reflection of how you have been treated. And how you treated people is a culmination of your past, your hurt, and who you are under the surface. But never let your past write your future because if God ment for today to be perfect there would be no fascination over the coming day. So even in a mistake gain a lesson. Even during the storm use the rain to wash away the pain. When you start to feel hate find out how you can love and forgive them inspite of it all. And when there seems like nothing else to do…P.U.S.H

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