Hey! I know I don’t talk to you as often as I should. I know I constantly mess up and I know I really need to get my life in order but can you forgive me once again? For the same thing? And can you watch over my family? I thank you for your mercy and grace. I’m trying to be better. I gotta go though don’t want to make life wait while I talk to the life giver himself.

My relationship with God, to say the least, needs work. I don’t pray enough. At times I lack faith and I tend to question gods purpose for my life. I yell with a fist full of tears why me? Like I’m the only one hurting. And I mock him with asking how much does he really love me if he allows me to hurt. And where has that gotten me? Further away for the truth, the light.

These questions and problems I believe affect many more people than just myself. We get so caught up with what we have going on that we forget to give him some of our “precious” time. What if I told you death comes unannounced? Would you live differently? Let’s just say after your last confrontation with someone you die, what would be the fate of your soul?

I’m so flawed that I have no right to give advice on morals and spiritual development, but maybe someone can benefit from it.

Everyday I tell myself pray more, love harder, give more smiles to others because I’m blessed to be a blessing for others.

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