Rome wasn’t built in one day

The feeling of inadequacy is unbearable. It makes you question your worth, existence, and ultimately yourself. I’ve been on earth for a short stay of 20 years. And during that time I feel I put myself in countless situations where I was inadequate. I lied, mistreated, betrayed and the list goes on. I know we all have because we human, but this is unbearable for me.

At times I sit and wonder how many lives I’ve effected wether it be positive or negatively. I just think of all the things I have been able to get others to believe lie or truth. And the power I now hold to correct those inadequacies.

A lie is the most powerful form of manipulation known to mankind. It’s soothes, fools, and most of all damages the truth. It’s much easier to tell the lie because it saves face and avoids harm. But it takes a strong person to deliver the truth no matter what it’s consequence may be.

To betray ones trust is almost an unforgivable act. Friendships are detrimental to our existence. No great man became that way on his own. Through many relationships and friendships he cultivated himself into what we perceive as greatness. And all it takes is one second of not having that friends back and he would have never gotten there. I’ve let many people down because I was suppose to have their back. But I didn’t. I choose to act impulsively and the consequence is betrayal and lack of trust in me.

“Treat others how you would like to be treated”. At times I’m very oblivious to this. I expect everyone to taylor make there opinions and action in accordance to my agenda. Well I’ve learned that isn’t how it works. When you do wrong to people it comes back 2x as worst. Think they coined that as karma. She is a bad b I tell ya.

It took me losing it all time after time. Heartbreaks. Late nights with fistful of tears. Loneliness. And pure inadequacy to realize my wrongs. Even when I thought I learned from the previous mistake. I didn’t cause history only repeats itself when we don’t fully understand it. But as a man I’ve taken the challenge of becoming admirable. Lovable again. And I refuse to be inadequate any longer.

Yes Rome wasn’t built in one day, but don’t waste a day waiting for someone else to place the foundation of your life. You build it and make your Rome one for the world to admire. And one you can be proud of. Make mistakes they shape us, but don’t like them color the lines in. Your add the color and life. Mistakes are just the outlines.


3 thoughts on “Rome wasn’t built in one day

  1. You talk a good game sure, but have you started applying this to your life yet. Have you started to be honest and fully truthful? How do expect to be truthful to others if you are able lie to yourself? #foodforthought

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