I cant believe I fell for it, the trap was set so neat. Like a twig in the forest harnessing a string to snag your feet. But its my fault isn’t it, I shouldn’t had gotten caught. “You shouldn’t had tried that from the start”. Well its not my fault, she made me do it, my boys and I were drunk, it wasn’t me. All excuse to hide the truth within me. We all use excuses as a escape from the truth, like a fire exit, or the stairs leading to the roof. Frightening part is a slave of the trade, I been using excuses every since my mothers egg was invaded. When is “but” threw in the sentence, expect to get a excuse. Cant forget “because” and “this what happen” too. In relationships excuses are big and sometimes the weak spot. A excuse can determine who you are and what not, above all an excuse is a way to get away or to justify the facts. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Apart of yours, hers and my life.

(Old but still a goodie)


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